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The Josh Ritter Fansite

From 2003 to 2009, the Josh Ritter Fansite was the first, largest, and only official sister site to

Created by yours truly as initially just a way to spread the word about the music of Josh Ritter, it became so much more: it housed (and mobilized) the official Street Team, fan message board, exclusive concert photos and video, free mp3s, and behind-the-scenes news - just to name a few features.  It was by fans, for fans.  And it rewarded them with not just backstage access, but a community joined together to enjoy, and promote, the music of Josh Ritter.

I'm proud to have been on an amazing journey with Josh Ritter because of the Fansite, one that took me from the front row at a show in a small New Jersey bar, to the front seat of Josh's tour bus on the other side of the world.  

Josh and his band have embraced their fans with as much love as their fans have embraced their music.  So I continue on this journey with the music of Josh Ritter, but the Fansite now lives on merely in spirit.  Roll on!  


(right: Josh, at home in Brooklyn, photographed by Doug Rice)

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